DIAS is India's well known institute for guiding candidates for civil services examination (CSE) and Indian Forest service Examinations(IFoS), run under aegis of DIAS India Edutech Pvt Ltd, a company registered under Company's Act. Our students have been consistently scoring top ranks in civil services examination since 2003.

This year too our student NIDHI GUPTA has brought us laurels by securing rank 3 in CSE 2014 with PHYSICS optional and secured one of the highest scores of 316 marks in Physics optional.More than 20 of our students have scored 250+ marks in Physics optional in CSE 2014,our student GAURAV AWASTHI Rank 208 ,secured  320 marks in Physics. Same fete has been repeated by our students in CHEMISTRY and MATHEMATICS optionals

Last year too our student Divyanshu Jha has done us proud by securing 9th in overall merit of civil services examination 2013.

Divyanshu Jha Rishab Gupta Manish Bansal Roshan Kushwaha
Rank - 9 Rank -37 Rank- 53 Rank -65
IAS -2014 IAS -2014 IAS -2014 IAS -2014
Physics Physics Physics Physics

DIAS annouces EXCLUSIVE  G. S. ,160 classes @400 hours power packed programme to provide you cutting edge in Mains cum prelims .Classes start from  30 th August  11 AM at 18/1, old Rajendra Nagar under the mentorship of VAJPAYEE sir,Shekhar Shrivastava (JNU),Abhash Kumar (Delhi School of Economics )and S.Agrawal (IIT -BHU).

Optional batches in PHYSICS/CHEMISTRY/MATHEMATICS will start from 24th AUGUST at 18/1, CL Bldg, OLD RAJENDRA NAGAR  .We have only one centre i.e at 18/1 ,old Rajendra Nagar . Jia Sarai centre was shifted to Rajendra Nagar  last january . PHYSICS classes will start from 24 th August 600 PM. Chemistry class 24 th August 200 PM ,Mathematics class 25 th August 11 AM

Our Physics/Maths Results in IAS EXAM – 2015 (CSE 2014)

Name Rank Subject
1: NIDHI GUPTA 3 Physics
2: Arjun Sharma  41 Physics
3:  Lohit Matani 176 Physics
4. Gaurav Awasthi  208 Physics 
5: Malika Garg 221 Physics 
6: Abhishek Kumar 240  
7: Varunesh Mishra 316 Physics 
8: Nishant Kumar  351 Physics
9: Anshul Agrawal 389 Physics
10: Simranjeet Singh Kehlon 488 Physics
11: Vikash Kumar 589 Physics
12: Vakul Jindal  637 Physics
13: Aman Mathur 660 Physics 
14: V Raviteja 684 Maths
15: Deepak K Valecha 717 Physics
16:Swapnil Pundukar 740 Physics
17: Jai Yadav   Physics
18 :Ankita Dhakre 1006 Chemistry

Our Chemistry Results in IAS EXAM – 2015 (CSE 2014)

Name Rank Subject
1.  Pulkit Garg 490 Chemistry
2: Ankita  Dhakre 1006 Chemistry

and many more .......

How I Got 410 Marks in Physics

 Kunal Silku, IAS Rank 65, 2011



DIAS shifts to new address  at 18/1 ,C L Bldg , old Rajender Nagar, near Agarwal sweets
New batches in Physics, Chemistry, Maths start from 24 th AUGUST , 2015 at 18/1 , old Rajender Nagar Center



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  • 24th August - 30th October

  • 8th November - 9th January

  • 10th January - 10th March

  • 20th March-5th June


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