DIAS is India's well known institute for guiding candidates for civil services examination at all the three stages. Our students have been consistently scoring top ranks in civil services examination since 2003. In 2003 our students bagged 3 ranks in top 20 namely Shurvir Singh (rank 4th), Prashant Kumar (rank 7th) and Amit Kataria (rank 18th and highest score of 407 marks in Physics). Then onwards this feat has been repeated almost every year. In IAS Examination of 2005 our students Abhishek Prakash (rank 8th), Manoj Kumar (rank 16th) and Puru Gupta (rank 18th) brought us laurels. This year too our student Supreet Singh Gulati has done us proud by scoring 2nd rank in overall merit of civil services examination 2007 DIAS has been recognized not only for its high grade lecture programmes in the subjects that it offers, but also an excellent centre of knowledge process outsourcing. The general studies programme is conducted by a power - packed team of eminent faculty members. The optional subjects are taught by experts. The institute also offers an exclusive Essay programme. Further , the quality of reading material is outstanding. The interview guidance programmme is conducted by a top class team of experienced experts as well as senior bureaucrats & diplomats.

Divyanshu Jha
Rishab Gupta
Manish Bansal
Roshan Kushwaha
Rank - 9
Rank -37
Rank- 53
Rank -65
IAS -2014
IAS -2014
IAS -2014
IAS -2014



Our Physics Results in IAS EXAM – 2014 (CSE 2013)
Name Rank Marks  
1: Divyanshu Jha                    9    
2: Rishav Gupta 37    
3: Manish Bansal 53    
4: Roshan Kushwaha 65    
5: Neha Tomar 180    
6: Lohit Matani 182    
9: Abhishek Anand 229    
10: Arjun Sharma 238    
11: Mohal Agrwal 256    
12: Pawan Yadav 327  
13: Shikhar Pant 348  
14: Nidhi Gupta 400  
15: Nishant Kumar 416  
16: Anurag Sujania 451  
17: Gopal Krishna 593  
18: Neelanshu Shekhar 615  
19: Ashish Pandey 634  
20: Abhinav Dudi 815  
Our Chemistry Results in IAS EXAM – 2014 (CSE 2013)
Name Marks    
1. Ashwin 227    
3: Sanjeev 238    
    and many more .......

How I prepared for General Studies

  Supreet Singh Gulati, IAS Rank 2, 2007

How I Got 410 Marks in Physics

  Kunal Silku, IAS Rank 65, 2011


DIAS opens new center at 19/3 old Rajender Nagar, near Agarwal sweets
Physics Test series starts from 6th July 2014 with Quantum Mechanics
Maths Test series starts from 6th July
Chemistry batch Starts From 18th May, 2014 6:00 PM at Rajender Nagar center
GS/ CSAT batch Starts From 18th May, 2014 6:00 PM at Rajender Nagar center

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